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Sustainable Transportation

Cambridge is one of the easiest places to live or work without driving. With over 40,000 households, 100,000 jobs, and hundreds of thousands of services in just over 6 square miles of land, just about everything you need is close at hand. With so many things close by, people in Cambridge have an array of transportation options.

Public Transit

RedLine Train

Cambridge is part of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), commonly called “The T.”  The MBTA operates 1,193 miles of commuter rail, subway, trolley, and bus lines in addition to ferry and paratransit services.

MBTA Services in Cambridge

Nearly every part of Cambridge’s 6 square miles is within a short walk of a subway station or bus stop.  Here is a summary of T service in Cambridge

Red Line Subway

There are five Red Line stations in Cambridge (plus a sixth just across the city line in Davis Square, Somerville), each about a mile apart.  The heavy rail subway line run underneath Massachusetts Avenue for most of its length before terminating at Alewife Station near the Arlington town line.  Trains run about 4 minutes apart in the rush hours and 10 minutes apart at all other times.

The Red Line provides fast and direct access to downtown Boston and South Station, where rail connections to the south shore and he eastern seaboard are available.

Green Line Trolley

The northern end of the Green Line Trolley terminates at Lechmere Square in East Cambridge.  North Station, which provides rail service to the north shore and Maine, is two stops away.

MBTA plans to extend the Green Line past Lechmere to Somerville and Medford.  Preliminary work has already begun.  To learn more about the Green Line Extension Project, please click here.


The MBTA runs 21 bus lines that serve Cambridge neighborhoods.  Here is a listing of the routes by area of the City.  Click on the links to get more information from MBTA for each route.

Crosstown: Harvard Square and points east

Crosstown: Kendall  Square — MIT and points south

Crosstown: Central Square – Inman Square – Porter Square – North Cambridge

Kendall Square – Wellington-Harrington

Central Square – Cambridgeport – Riverside – Kendall Square — MIT

Inman Square – Central Square

Harvard Square

Harvard Square – Porter Square – North Cambridge

Harvard Square – West Cambridge – Strawberry Hill

Harvard Square – West Cambridge – Cambridge Highlands

Transit Tools

There are nearly 100 apps that have been developed to help users ride the MBTA. For a directory of those apps, please see the MBTA’s apps page.

Also, try the MBTA’s web-based trip planner. Google maps can also be used to get you from here to there on transit. Open Google Maps, click Get Destination, then click on the transit icon.



A bicycle is an excellent way to get around Cambridge and the region. Short trips are ideal for bicycles and going by bike is often the fastest way to get from door to door.

Hubway Bike Share

Hubway at City Hall

The Hubway is an excellent way to get around when you don’t have your bike with you. Hubway members can share bikes at stations in Cambridge, Boston, Somerville and Brookline. Learn more about Hubway here.



Get your walking shoes on and walk because Cambridge is ranked #1 as the Most Walkable City in the United States, according to March 2012 ranking from and  

The Cambridge Traffic, Parking & Transportation Department, working with the Public Works and Community Development Departments give a lot of attention to the pedestrian conditions in Cambridge. Our efforts have paid off – more people walk to work in Cambridge than any other large city in the country (Governing Magazine, Dec. 13, 2013).  

But we are not resting on our successes and we will continue to make walking a safe and preferred mode of transportation. We continue to work hard to make walking as safe and convenient as can be. The City’s Community Development Department has many resources available about walking in Cambridge.