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Our Hot Yoga classes vary from 85 to 105 degrees. See, at Evolve we can bring the heat and the fire with a power Vinyasa Flow. Thinking of a more gentle approach? Then try one of our Slow Flow Vinyasa classes where the temperature of the room is set between 75 to 85 degrees. We also offer movement-based classes with a cathartic flow and our hips & hamstrings class for that deep stretch.

Imagine arriving in your space and lying on your mat for a few moments before class to find the rhythm and expansion of your breath. You begin quieting your mind and resetting your body. You create a mantra with each inhale and release tension with each exhale. You feel your body adjust to the temperature of the room and from there your mind becomes spacious and calm.

At this point, you have given yourself the opportunity to disconnect from the external world and connect in the present moment. You’re honoring yourself by setting an intention of the direction and pace you’ll follow during the 75 minutes of this heated and vigorous vinyasa practice. You’ll end the class as you started, with pause, reflection, and stillness. This is where you find your bliss. This is what self-care looks like. This is mental and physical strength. This is the experience we hope each of our students finds at Evolve Yoga Studio.

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