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April 13, 2016

EXERCISE OF THE DAY: WEIGHTED PUSH-UP The push-up is the pinnacle upper body pressing movement. Anyone can do a variation. I prefer push-ups to bench pressing for several reasons: 1. The shoulder blades can move. Shoulders love when the arm moves in conjunction with the scapulae, creating strength and stability in the rotator cuff and protractors. The barbell bench press requires locked and depressed scaps, placing a lot more stress on the glenohumeral joint. Unless you're training for a bench test or a powerlifting meet, you don't need to bench heavy. 2. The push-up is a moving plank. Proper form requires a great deal of anterior core strength, stability, and control. 3. It is easily progressed and regressed. Here we have an athlete who can perform 50+ push-ups with good form. In the spirit of strength and workout efficiency, adding resistance gives us the desired effect. Props to Adam for banging out 10 perfect push ups with 30lbs of chains and a 25lb plate at a body weight of 165lb! To make the exercise easier, elevate your body and push from a barbell In a squat rack. #evidencebased #eotd #strength #strengthtraining #strengthandconditioning #crossfit #prehab #rehab #personaltraining #trainer #pt #coach #physicaltherapy #powerlifting #shoulders #shoulder #fitness #gym #triceps #wod #mobility #athlete #soccer #football @uppercut37 @lean_cuisinee @chcoaching @ryanwysocki_57 @zenfit.jenna @justinsorbo

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