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April 7, 2016

EXERCISE OF THE DAY: HALF KNEELING RARE PRESS (Riptrainer Anti Rotation Extension Press) Did we invent a new exercise? Probably not but it was fun to name it! There are infinite variations of @gray.cook 's @functionalmvmt system of exercises. We love this spin on a plank from half kneeling: with ribs down, big toe planted, and glute squeezed, press the rip trainer bar forward. Maintaining spinal and pelvic position, exhale and slowly lift the bar upward over your head. Go as far as your mobility and stability allow. You'll feel it all the way down the "knee down" side as you resist the off-angle pull of the elastic behind you. Great for teaching core control and opening up the front of the hip. This exercise is for anyone who has mastered the plank and is looking for a shorter duration, unilaterally focused drill. The hypermobile among us will create stability through those big ranges, and the stiff will open up that t-spine. Give it a shot! #exerciseoftheday #eotd #strength #strengthtraining #fms #functionaltraining #functionalmovement #gymnastics #prehab #rehab #baseball #dance #core #abs #obliques #coretraining #strengthcoach #personaltrainer #training #coach @mikereinold @goodridgestrength @chcoaching @ryanwysocki_57 @lean_cuisinee @uppercut37 @zenfit.jenna @justinsorbo

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