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You've seen the ladder out in our gym and might have thought "what on earth can I do on that". Here's a little inspiration from @kaisafit who absolutely crushes ladder drills with perfect form and a great attitude! Next time you're in the gym, grab the ladder and get moving!

@zenfit.jenna with @repostapp ・・・ To all who think you're too old, for those who think you need to act your age, for those who let age dictate what they do and don't do, see this. 78 year old Herb busting out pull ups. He's made it through arthritis in his knees and over come many obstacles that you can encounter when aging. He has taken control, dedicated himself to training and he is an inspiration to me everyday. It's not too late, and you're not too old.

PT client Joanne demonstrates a seated row with our trainer Jenna Lou. She has been working through a shoulder surgery and has gained her strength back with training. Let shoulders come forward but maintain a straight back. Pinch the scapula together at the finish and repeat.

Everyone getting after their cardio this morning!

Trainer Jenna and her client throw it down on Thursday with this burpee circuit. Coordination, endurance and core strength are the main players here! Your body was built to move, don't let the chair or couch be your mold. Get up and move it and have fun!

Our member and training client nails 5 full body weight pull ups without jumps or assistance. 64 years old and strong as ever! It's never too late to train and the benefits are not only for your health but feels great to reach your goals and be proud!

Max burn session with ball slams, push-ups with dumbbell pulls! HOW TO: 10 ball slams on each side. Side shuffle 15'. 10 push-ups with dumbbell row. 5X!

Bun-day Monday! Try this sweet little glute roaster to hit those buns and hams! Make sure you use a pad to protect your hips. You can do this will 0 weight to start off and continue to progress from there. Press from your heels!

Our Zumba instructor @marco_arbonne brings his enthusiasm and amazing energy to his classes at Evolve in Framingham. Join the fun and get your body moving with him on Mondays at 8:30am and Thursdays at 9:30am!

Trainer @zenfit.jenna and her client got creative today with our new sled. Tom got a good burn pushing her around. Don't worry, she ended up pulling him too to even out the field.