Meet Our Trainers: Jenna Lou


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Jenna Lou

Jenna Lou

Jenna began her fitness career with martial arts where she earned her black belt in Kempo Karate and taught self-defense. She continued her active lifestyle through dance, focusing on Jazz, Tap and Ballet. After college she discovered the world of weight lifting and thriving on a plant based diet.

She received her certification though the American Council of Exercise (ACE). Strength, mobility, power and endurance are the keystones to her successful programming and Jenna makes each event enjoyable and unique. Her workouts incorporate boxing and yoga on top of  foundational movements that challenge her clients and promote a higher burn level hours after the workout is complete.

Jenna shares her knowledge of healthy eating habits that set her clients up for success in reaching their goals. She believes the power of taking control of your health is the key to a happy life.