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Elliot Blume-Pickle

Elliot Blume-Pickle
Personal Trainer - Cambridge

Elliot became a NSCA Certified Personal Trainer in 2011, but his passion for exercise and athletics goes much further back. He began exercising when he was 13 (chinups, situps and pushups) and has regularly participated in various sports since early childhood, including lacrosse, snowboarding, soccer, golf and powerlifting. This passion for physical activity and a love of teaching others led to Elliot becoming a trainer and sharing his enthusiasm with his clients. He became interested in nutrition and learning how to cook healthily in 2011 and graduated from culinary school, so Elliot is always happy to discuss recipes and how to make them healthier. He is finishing up his undergraduate degree in classics at Tufts University.

Elliot believes in training his clients like athletes, meaning that he helps them improve strength and movement quality while avoiding pain and injury. He believes that training is fun, but hard, and works with his clients to help them reach their specific goals, whether that be weight loss, increased strength, muscle gain or just feeling good. His training style often involves a combination of weights: barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, bodyweight, and any other available training apparatuses. He can help both beginners and experienced lifters reach their goals.