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Strengthening Your Core with CXWORX

May 16, 2016

What is CXWORX?

CXWorx is the hot new workout out of the Les Mills stable. It’s designed to rock your core in a 30-minute group class at your fitness level.

A core-centric workout allows you to develop the power base of a truly fit and strong body. That’s because everything we do, from picking up a ball to reaching for an apple, originates from the core. As the Les Mills coaches are fond of saying, ‘the core is the glue that holds everything together.’


What are the Benefits of CXWORX?

The CXWORX program at Evolve Fitness hones in on the muscles of the torso and what are known as the sling muscles. These are the core areas that connect the upper and lower body. An obvious benefit of focusing on these areas is that it will help to chisel killer abs. But it will also firm and strengthen the glutes, making you stronger in all functional movements. In addition, you will be making yourself far less prone to injury.

A myth pervades in the fitness industry about just what core training is. It is far more than just crunches. If you take your head, legs and arms off, then you are left with your core. It includes the muscles of the glutes, the upper back and mid back. All of those areas are targeted in the CXWORX program.

When you have increased core strength, your spine is incredibly well supported. That will allow your abs and back to kick in and assist every time you bend over to pick something up. The CXWORX program uses the latest science to deliver an optimal core workout.

CXWORX is a results driven program. You will get great results quickly as you push yourself along with the motivating music. The classes are both low impact and low cardio, making them ideal for everyone. Your motivational instructors will ensure that you have a heap of fun as you take your core training to the next level. 

What Happens in a CXWORX Class?

 The class will kick off with your certified personal trainer instructor providing an over view of what muscles comprise your core and why training them is so important to your overall health and fitness. From there, you’ll ease into a warm-up designed to slowly activate all of the muscles that make up your core.

Once your core is thoroughly warmed up, the workout kicks into gear. As the music hots up, you’ll be introduced to a range of moves designed to isolate and integrate the muscles that comprise the various groups of the core. You’ll be learning the correct technique of some familiar exercises, such as crunches and leg extensions, as well as learning new ones, like the hover and standing balance.

Your CXWORX will use two pieces of equipment:

Both pieces of equipment are available in heavy, medium and light options. Choose the light ones for your first workout to allow you to focus on perfecting your exercise form.

Your 30-minute workout will fly by as you become absorbed in maximally working your core muscles. Because the class is only 30-minutes you can really push yourself as hard as you can. The workout is designed to be challenging to enable you to get the most benefit from your session. At the end of class, you’ll be exhausted but invigorated. And you’ll have that awesome tightness around your core that lets you know that all your hard work is paying dividends.

Tips to Get the Most from Your CXWORX Workout


Do I need to be fit to start CXWORX?

The CXWORX program is designed for everybody. People of all ages and fitness levels are doing and loving it. Because you select your resistance levels at the start, the intensity is customized to your current level of fitness.

Is CXWORX appropriate for women who are pregnant?

Talk to your doctor or midwife first. Always follow their recommendation. If they give you the green light, be sure to inform your CXWORX instructor that you’re pregnant. They may suggest alternatives to some of the moves.

How often should I do CXWORX?

For the best results, do CXWORX 2-3 times per week. Always give your self a full day’s recovery between workouts. An ideal plan would be to do CXWORX on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

What should I bring to class?

At Evolve Fitness, we provide the workout tools, the great music and the qualified instruction. Whether at our Framingham or Cambridge location, all you need to bring is your motivation to work hard, a towel and a pair of decent trainers. Make sure that you are wearing comfortable, breathable workout clothing that is not too tight. Don’t forget your water bottle!

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