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The Best Personal Trainers

November 28, 2016

Take it to the Next Level

You’ve made the commitment to get in shape. You’ve even decided to join a gym. All you’ve got to do now is lace up your trainers and start sweating off those extra pounds, right?

Well, maybe not.

The final – and most important – element of your physical journey may well be a personal trainer. You may have seen trainers working with other people and considered their services to be an unnecessary luxury – after all, you’ve got access to the same training gear as them, so why pay for someone to hold your hand?

In this article, we’ll take a look just what a personal trainer can do to help you make a success of your fitness journey – and, no, it doesn’t involve holding your hand!


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Safe Guidance

Walking into a gym when you’re a newbie can be extremely intimidating. You see all these fabulous bodies moving around with purposeful intent – and then there’s you. You don’t even know where to begin. The great thing about working with a personal trainer is that they will teach you how to do things correctly and safely, without getting hurt.

Learning how to do it right from the start is huge. Too often, people start doing an exercise, such as squats, the wrong way. Within a couple of months, they have developed an ingrained pattern of movement on that exercise which is going to be very difficult to get out of. Often, this results in pain in the knees and lower back. Having a trainer to guide and correct you as you are doing the movement is priceless.


We all struggle to keep to our exercise routine at some time. For many of us who work out in the morning, it comes down to what we could call ‘mind over mattress’ syndrome. You’re lying in your cozy bed with the blankets pulled tight. You know you should be getting up, but the sound of the wind whistling outside doesn’t exactly inspire you. Far easier just to stay put.

The vast majority of people who sign up to a gym fall by the wayside in the first two to three months, often because they don’t have someone to hold them accountable. But, knowing that there is a person who is waiting for you to walk through that door can make all the difference. The fact that you’ll be paying for the session whether you turn up or stay in bed is also a huge motivator when it comes to getting you up and moving.

But the accountability doesn’t just revolve around getting you to turn up. You’ll also have to explain your food binges and lack of effort while exercising!

Recharging Your Energy

One of the fundamental principles of exercise is progressive resistance. That means that you need to be doing more intense work each workout than you did in the last session. When you are training on your own that is a tough ask. Some days you just don’t have the training energy that you do on others. At times, you’ve literally got to drag yourself through the gym door.

When you’re on your own, the session that follows on a drag yourself through the door day will probably see you just going through the motions. That is not the way to make progress.

The job of a personal trainer is to get you pumped up and motivated for your workout. That doesn’t necessarily mean that he’ll be in your face like a drill sergeant. Your trainer will tap into the motivational cues that work for you to get you to perform at your best, no matter how you’re feeling when you first walk through the door.

Overcoming Plateaus

The progressive resistance that we just mentioned is never linear. It progresses nicely for a while and then it stops. We reach a point where we just can’t get our weight to budge. We’ve hit the dreaded plateau.

In order to drive yourself beyond a plateau, you need to shake up your program and shock your body into responding. That is when a personal trainer is worth their weight in gold. They will be tuned in to a whole host of training methodologies, variations and hacks that will keep your body guessing. They will also show you how to ramp up your intensity without compromising your safety. The result will be that plateaus will be a thing of the past and you’ll be able to soar straight toward your training goal.

Knowledge Source 

The gym is full of what we call bro science. Every guy who’s got a decent pair of biceps is a self-proclaimed expert on training, nutrition, supplementation and whatever else you care to mention.

Only, they’re not.

Rather than feeding your mind with a bunch of contradictory garbage, it’s far better to take your questions directly to your own professional, fully qualified personal trainer. They won’t give you bro science. Instead, they’ll provide you with the solid, science baked information that you need to know to train, eat and recuperate your way to a better body and mind.

Hire a Personal Trainer and Get to the Next Level

A personal trainer can make the difference between another failed fitness goal and really turning your body (and mind) around. Sure, it will cost a little more than a regular gym membership. But, view that money as an investment in yourself — you know that you’re worth it! 

With convenient locations in both Cambridge and Framingham, MA, Evolve Fitness has all of your personal training needs covered!