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Josè Medina is a native of Framingham, Massachusetts and a fitness Enthusiast for the last 24 years. He has been a trainer for the last 15 years.

Josè started at Evolve Fitness in 2008 as a Membership Consultant and shortly thereafter assumed the role as Sales Director.

Throughout his career, he has been able to work with different Fitness companies in different niches (Boutique studios, big box gyms, training centers, Etc) but Evolve Fitness has always been home for him. He brings his many years of fitness and gold ribbon success experience to his new role as general manager.

It is his core belief that in order for someone to turn exercising into a lifestyle, it must be simple, easy, and realistic.

Evolve with us!! His team will show you a realistic approach to accomplishing your goals. Results, results, results… or why do it??

Josè looks forward to welcoming you aboard 🙂

Josè’s Tip “Forget about light weak and heavy week! Think High rep week and low rep week! Go as heavy as you can for the specific rep range you’re working in. This strategy will maximize your time and effort at the gym! Someone say lean and mean?? 🙂 “