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finding a gym in somerville doesn’t have to be hard

If you’re living in Somerville and are ready to get serious about getting fit, you are in luck. You’re not far away from an Evolve Fitness gym.

Evolve gyms are unlike anything you’ve encountered before. In fact, in many ways, they are a throwback to gyms of the 80’s. Back then, before the corporate factory-farming of the fitness industry, a gym was a place where people actually knew your name – sort of a ‘Cheers’ that served protein drinks rather than vodka-tonics.

Modern Fitness With Old-School Service

Today, most gyms that you encounter don’t even have real people working at them anymore. You might be given a swipe card that allows you 24-hour access to the place. But you get absolutely zero services.

At Evolve Fitness in Cambridge, things are different. You will never find the reception desk unmanned. What you will find is friendly counter staff who will greet you by name and show a genuine interest in you. The instructors on the floor are also there to serve you. While instructors at other gyms are content to spend all day on their phones, Evolve instructors will be there to guide and assist members without getting in the way. If you’re doing an exercise unsafely, our instructors will offer to guide on the correct form.


Days of the week don’t matter when it comes to staying healthy. Clients in our training program deliver amazing energy as they strive for their goals everyday without excuses. Off days happen, but it’s how you push through them that counts. #evolve #fitness #evolvefitness #fit #workout #plank #train #training #personaltraining #gym #core #abs #weightloss #workhard #neverquit #dedication #motivation #inspiration #gains #goals #strength #exercise

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The Cleanest Gym Near Somerville

Another factor that sets Evolve Fitness apart has to do with cleanliness. You may be surprised to learn that the majority of gyms fail to provide the level of cleanliness and bacteria-free environment that their members deserve. When hundreds of members are training on the gym floor every day, with sweat and dead skin pouring off them, it is imperative that every gym (especially in a major city like Boston) prioritize cleanliness.

At Evolve, personal hygiene stations allow members to spray and wipe down benches after use. Beyond that, we have dedicated cleaners who are constantly patrolling the gym floor. Even more attention is paid to the changing rooms. These are the areas where bacteria and fungus are most prone to dwell. That’s why Evolve cleaners are in there multiple times each day, cleansing and purifying to keep every member safe. 


State Of The Art Fitness Equipment

A major strength of Evolve Fitness is their huge range of equipment. They have equipped their facilities with the very best cardio gear available anywhere. The latest high tech functionality allows members to get an awesome range of choice when it comes to virtual training programs, data feedback and exercise movement technology. Evolve Fitness equipment buyers are constantly on the lookout for the best new cardio equipment. If it is functional and would complement what is already on offer, odds that it will soon turn up on the gym floor.

The free weight training area at Evolve Fitness provides you with a full range of barbell and dumbbell based training gear for all fitness levels from new trainers right through to bodybuilders and hardcore power-lifters. Weight bearing machines allow you to isolate specific muscle groups with the latest cam driven technology to provide the ultimate positive and negative resistance training options.

Personal Training In Somerville

Personal training has become increasingly popular in the last few years. While this option can add serious dollars to the cost of your gym experience, the top level personal trainers at Evolve are dedicated to working with you to create a package that works for both your schedule and your budget. With more than twenty of the best trainers in the state, you will be able to find the ideal trainer to suit your temperament and your training goals.

Whether you are focused on losing weight, building muscle, training for a specific sport or coming back from an injury, Evolve has a trainer who is expertly qualified to provide you with the guidance that you need to achieve your goals quicker. All of our personal trainers are also master motivators who will keep you engaged, enthusiastic and on-track.


The evolve twins! Two of a kind in heart and in the gym. Check out Lena (left) and Jenna (right) at evolve for your free orientation and fitness assessment when you join! #evolve #fitness #evolvefitness #cambridge #boston #gym #train #personaltrainer #chickswholift #chicks #twins #workout #gains #braids #free

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The Best Deal In Boston

A final reason that Evolve is the best exercise facility in the Somerville, MA area boils down to cost. Most other gyms make their money by locking members into contracts and then de-motivating them so they give up their space on the floor but keep paying monthly fees.

Not Evolve.

For one thing, we won’t lock you into a long-term commitment.

And for another, you can join Evolve for as little as $9.95 per month. Just do your research and you will discover how impressive that rate is.

You won’t find a better deal.