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Hot yoga has many facets, preferred degrees temperature, various levels of difficulty and style of flow. We at Evolve Yoga Studio appreciate this notion. Our goal is to provide the Metro West community a comfortable and welcoming environment in a gorgeous studio with skilled teachers who offer their own personalized style and grace.


Our Hot Yoga classes will vary from 98 to 105 degrees. See, at Evolve we can bring the heat and the fire with a power Vinyasa Flow. Thinking of a more gentle approach? Then try one of our Slow Flow Vinyasa classes where the temperature of the room is set between 75 to 85 degrees. We also offer movement-based classes with a cathartic flow and our hips & hamstrings class for that deep stretch.

Imagine arriving in your space and lying on your mat for a few moments before class to find the rhythm and expansion of your breath. You begin quieting your mind and resetting your body. You create a mantra with each inhale and release tension with each exhale. You feel your body adjust to the temperature of the room and from there your mind becomes spacious and calm.

At this point, you have given yourself the opportunity to disconnect from the external world and connect in the present moment. You’re honoring yourself by setting an intention of the direction and pace you’ll follow during the 75 minutes of this heated and vigorous vinyasa practice. You’ll end the class as you started, with pause, reflection, and stillness. This is where you find your bliss. This is what self-care looks like. This is mental and physical strength. This is the experience we hope each of our students finds at Evolve Yoga Studio.


Slow Flow Yoga

Slow Flow (60 minutes)

Experience a slow and steady vinyasa and a mind-body connection by pairing your breath with movement. You will be provided with clear cuing to ensure you maintain proper body alignment, and the practice ends with deep stretching and restorative asanas. Great for all levels. Warm room.

Fuel & Fire Flow Yoga

Hot Pilates (50 minutes)

Pilates is a low impact, alignment based, core strengthening, workout. Building the body’s strength, endurance, and flexibility. The heated temperature will help you burn calories, burn fat and detoxify the body. Come try this highly talked about practice!

Heated Vinyasa Yoga

Heated Vinyasa (75 minutes)

If you like it hot and you like a traditional vinyasa-style practice, this is the class for you. Each teacher offers their own creativity to each flow. You will move, strengthen, and stretch your bodies in a perfectly heated room. Focusing on breath work both in the beginning and closing of class. Hot room (95-103 degrees).

All Levels Vinyasa Yoga

All Levels Vinyasa (60 minutes)

All Levels Vinyasa offers a strong focus on inner and outer alignment. Each class offered with clear and precise cueing of asana (pose), flow and breathing technique. Perfect practice for any level practitioner. This is a 60 minute class. Mildly Warm.

Power Flow Yoga

Power Flow (60 to 75 minutes)

Inspired by Baron Baptiste, this practice is a true test of emotional, physical, and mental strength. The heat and humidity is used to make muscles more pliable and create a sense of deep presence. It’s a vigorous challenge all while the teacher leading the class will help you stay connected with breath. Modifications offered throughout the class making this practice available to all levels. Hot room (95 to 105 degrees).

Rest and Restore Yoga

Gentle Hatha Yoga (60 minutes)

This is a great introduction for someone new to yoga or someone recovering from an injury. Gentle Hatha offers gentle postures and mild movement. We spend the first few minutes on breath work and connecting to what our body is feeling. From there we build on postures from the ground up. With slow clear and precise cueing so you fully understand what your body should be feeling as you safely hold and sustain each posture.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga (75 minutes)

A non-heated, non-flow, nurturing, spacious and meditative floor based practice. Utilizing simple stretches, stillness and holds of two to five minutes, which helps to strengthen, lengthen, and hydrate connective tissues, bones, joints and ligaments, while releasing fascia and tight muscles. This class also incorporates basic meditation instruction and mindfulness practice to build inner stamina and mental endurance. Great class for all levels. No heat.


Hips & Hamstring Stretch & Flow (60 minutes)

This class is great for those who are ultra-tight or who sit for long periods of time or if you cycle. If you’re a regular of Betty’s spin class, then you’re going to want take this class too! With specific sequences that stretch the IT band, gluteus medius, and hamstrings. All deep, luxurious stretches that will leave you feeling light and fully stretched. It will improve your range of motion and performance on the bike. Great class for all levels. Warm room (75 degrees).

Slow Flow Yoga

Baptiste Power Yoga (60 minutes)

Baptiste Power Yoga is a true test of emotional, physical and mental strength. The heat and humidity are used to make muscles more pliable and create a sense of deep presence. Experience a vigorous practice while the teacher leading the class will help you stay connected with breath.


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