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Zumba combines Latin and International music with a fun and effective workout system. Dare to live and experience awesome fat elimination by carefully designed dance choreography that could give you more body flexibility as well as shape your abs to the max. This cardio class feels like the party of the decade. You learn the movements, relieve the stress, stretch your muscles, and go dance with a glow.

Tone and sculpt your body while improving flexibility and learning new awesome dance steps. Sweat it out and look hot and sexy when you start shaping your body with the new dance fitness class taught by instructors with personal training certifications. A dancer choreographer aimed to make women enjoy vigorous but fun workout that is not classified as aerobics created the Zumba design. Our personal gym training instructors were fully certified Zumba instructors.

Your personal trainers will take you to an inspiring journey of Latin dance music and custom built personal training Zumba moves. Shake it out, enjoy the sweat, laugh with your mistakes, and get fully energized with the salsa, reggaeton, meringue, or cumbia rhythm. The Zumba health fitness workout combines Latin, tango, and rock and roll to create fun out of fitness. The Zumba party at Evolve Fitness ditches the monotonous workout basic steps and converts them into entertaining competitive dance steps.

You do not need any motivation to get that winter blues out of your system. The moment you step into the Zumba class you would want to shake it up with the beat. Imagine Friday nights dancing with your boyfriends or girlfriends using the new dance moves. They will totally look at you differently. Imagine the energy that you radiate when you are happy and enjoying the rhythm. Use the Zumba dance steps when you go out and dance with friends. You will become the star of the night with such fabulous energy you let out with your moves. Be hot, be sexy, be flexible, be a star with those hot Zumba moves.



Darren Hariston

Darren Hariston
Darren has been around Evolve for several years and as a licensed Zumba instructor, he is now teaching weekly Zumba® Fitness classes at Evolve! Darren is a social worker when he isn’t moving and grooving, supporting families with various wants and needs. Darren enjoys working with youth and has taken up a new interest in cooking. Come dance with Darren!

Chela Zykorie

Chela Zykorie
Chela has been a ZIN™ Member since September 2012 and she absolutely loves teaching Zumba classes. Chela is currently licensed to teach Zumba and Zumba® Toning. Come join her, we guarantee you will have a blast!



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