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Evolve Fitness Member Shares Love For Boxing

March 3, 2016

When you think of boxing, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? 

Mike Tyson? Floyd Mayweather? Rocky Balboa? 

How About A 64 Year Old Woman?

Odds are, a mild mannered female in her sixties is probably not the first thing you think of. But there is a growing movement of women out there that are taking up boxing and loving it, proving that you don’t have to be an aggressive male to enjoy this historically testosterone dominated activity.

punching bag

In fact, Evolve Fitness member Nancy Sommers, a Cambridge based woman in her mid 60s, recently wrote an article for the Huffington Post about her newfound love for fitness boxing

We were so impressed Nancy’s attitude and spirit that we wanted to share her story with you, in hopes that she might inspire more women out there that are on the fence to give boxing a try.

Contrary to popular belief, boxing does not have to be an aggressive, violent sport reserved for men. Non-contact boxing, sometimes referred to as fitness boxing, is becoming a more and more popular activity for both men AND women, and it doesn’t involve throwing a single punch at another human being!

Conversely, participants practice their technique on resistance mitts with a personal trainer or a punching bag. No taking jabs off the face or cauliflower ear required!

And you might be surprised by how intense of a workout fitness boxing can be. Offering a full body strength training and cardio experience, you’ll start working up a sweat from the moment you throw your first practice punch. 

As Nancy writes, while working out with Evolve Fitness personal trainer Kingsley Echema: 

So, here I am, age 64, with my own red boxing gloves and some newly-defined muscles, having almost too much fun at the gym. At first, I kept thinking — this isn’t something I should be doing — really, is it okay to hit? — but with each jab, I overcame my reluctance as I punched the trainer’s resistance mitts. This deeply-ingrained cultural training — girls don’t hit –prevents most women over 50 from considering boxing. But nobody is hitting me, and I’m not fighting anyone. No gritty boxing ring is needed. And as I’m learning the techniques of boxing from my trainer, Kingsley, I’m appreciating the beauty in the sport, especially the artistic athleticism it requires. In boxing, power starts in the hips, requiring every muscle to serve a purpose, linking hands and hips in a dancer’s rhythm.

Don’t Let Fitness Become Boring

The reality of trying to maintain a regular fitness routine is that doing the same thing day after day can become stale and boring. And when we get bored with our workout routine, we’re far more likely to give up. So if you’re growing tired of mailing-it-in on the treadmill or grinding away on the exercise bike, it’s time to consider a new fitness activity.

At Evolve Fitness, one of our many qualified personal trainers will be more than happy to help you develop an exciting, enjoyable AND effective training regiment. If boxing sounds interesting to you, they’ll certainly be able to help you work it into your routine, but whether you decide to try boxing or not, the point is to stay active and have fun doing it!

So don’t be shy! Afraid of being judged? Afraid of looking silly? Don’t be! Because like Nancy says:

…fitness boxing isn’t about combat or competition. Fitness boxing — sometimes called non-contact boxing because you never hit another person — is simply the best cardio gift we can give ourselves. If you’ve never thought about how much fun it would be to hit that punching bag at your gym — if words such as jab, cross, hook, and uppercut aren’t in your vocabulary yet — buy or borrow a pair of boxing gloves and start boxing.

Read Nancy’s full article here via The Huffington Post

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