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10 Reasons to Join a Health Club This Summer

May 23, 2016

The cold weather hibernation is over. It’s time to take stock and start working off those winter pounds. Your exercise options are many and varied:

So, what are you going to do? Making the decision to take control of your body is a great start. Now comes the follow through.

The bad news is that 80% of people who make the decision to get in shape fail to achieve their goals. A key reason has to do with the place they choose to exercise. No matter how well intentioned they are, people who work out at home are far less likely to succeed than those who sign up to a commercial fitness center. Which is why your second key health decision needs to be to join a health club.

Here are 10 compelling reasons why joining a health club will get you to your goals faster.

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1. Motivation

Exercising at home is fraught with distraction. There’s the kids, the phone, the doorbell, the computer. No wonder so many people are unable to maintain a regular work-out regimen at home. The gym, however, is a dedicated place of exercise.

It allows you to switch off to the outside world and switch on to your body. And being surrounded by like-minded individuals who are pushing themselves to excel is a lot more motivating than staring at a pile of laundry. 

2. Commitment

Of course it costs money to join a gym. In a perverse way, however, that financial commitment works to your advantage. Knowing that you’re paying is a great incentive to get in and utilize the service. On grey and rainy summer mornings it could be what it takes to overcome mind over mattress syndrome.

3. Expertise

Exercise injuries happen most frequently at home. Unless you’ve got a knowledgeable pair of eyes overseeing what you’re doing, you are likely to do more damage than good. Your local gym will have certified trainers who can guide you at every step, starting with your fist assessment and progressing to your first foray onto the gym floor and beyond. They will be on-hand to encourage, motivate and ensure that your form is on point.

4. Group Classes

Studies indicate that people who work out as part of a group, reach their goals more often than those who don’t. Your local gym will have a full complement of group fitness programs specializing in everything from thighs and hips to box fit. 

The camaraderie and sheer fun you’ll experience are a bonus. 

5. Equipment

The key to progressing on any exercise regimen lies in the use of progressive resistance. As you get fitter and stronger you simply have to keep increasing the resistance if you are going to get better. At the gym this is easy – just grab another plate or lower the pin on the weight stack. At home though, it’s not going 
to take long to run out of equipment. And then there’s the range of equipment available at the gym. It gives you so many more options than you’ll get from that rusty barbell set in the garage.

6. Extra Facilities

In addition to all of the weight training, cardio and group fitness facilities that your body requires to get and stay in peak condition, your local health club is likely to provide spa, steam and sauna rooms, a swimming pool and a relaxation lounge. They’ve probably even got a juice and healthy snack bar to allow for some post-work-out refueling.

7. Stress Relief

We all know that exercise is a great stress releaser, right? Well, training at a health club enhances that effect. When you’re anxious or hyped up over things not going right, you are very likely to ditch that home exercise session in favor of heading for the fridge and that left over chocolate cake. Not so, once you step through the health club doors. The energy and buzz of the place will take over and, pretty soon, you’ll be pumped up, sweated up and endorphined up.

8. Personal Trainers

A few years ago, personal trainers were affordable only to a select few. Nowadays you can hire a trainer for a session or two a week at a reasonable price. He’ll be able to provide you with the expert guidance and motivation to get you to your goals a whole lot faster.

9. Other Health Club Members

A health club is a social group and you may just form new friendships as part of your experience. But, even if you don’t, you can learn a lot just by looking around you. You’ll see new exercises, different combinations of exercise and training patterns that may be just the thing that you need to succeed.

10. Cost

So long as you use it, a health club is a very good investment. If you are going 4 times per week, it will only be costing you a few bucks each session. When you consider the range of equipment, the facilities and the instruction and guidance you get, that’s good value. Equipping a decent home gym will run into the thousands – and still not provide you with the options that your local club provides.

Why You Should Join a Health Club This Summer

So, there it is. Joining a health club is simply the smartest, most effective route to your fitness goal. Before you commit, though, it pays to shop around to ensure that you get the right fit. At Evolve Fitness, we’re so confident that you’ll enjoy our health clubs in Cambridge and Framingham, we offer a FREE 7-day trial. So give us a shot today, and you’ll be on your way to the healthiest summer of your life!

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