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Front Bias, Left Bias, and Cross Weight: Suspension Tuning with Weight Adjustments

Static Weight: Front Bias and Left Bias

The most fundamental way of changing the handling of your car is by redistributing the weight. The weight distribution of a car is determined by literally placing a scale under each wheel. When making weight distribution adjustments, you must consider the weight transitions that the car experiences while you are driving. For example, when you accelerate, weight shifts toward the back of the car onto the rear wheels. When you turn right, weight shifts to the left side of the car. You can feel these weight transfers on your body while you are driving.

The most useful weight adjustment for road racing is front bias, or the weight distribution between the front and rear wheels. The purpose of adjusting front bias is to balance the weight of the car evenly between the front and rear …

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Weight Loss

The mechanics of weight loss is simple; energy lost must be greater than energy gained. You gain energy from the various foods and other nutritional supplements you consume; you lose energy through regular everyday activities, even breathing. The problem is a body at rest or doing regular activities does not utilize most of the energy that is consumed from the average American diet. The result is weight gain. All that extra energy is converted to fat and stored for later use, the problem is, that fat will sit there and keep building up and it has nowhere to go. The solution, we need to get our bodies in a state of negative energy balance, increase our metabolism or decrease our food intake so that we lose more energy that we gain.

Basically, we want to increase how much work our …

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Weight Loss

Before you start changing the size of your waistline you first have to change the thinking in your head. If you are determined and committed to losing weight and you have the ‘what ever it takes’ attitude then you need to pay close attention to what I going to tell you in this article.
This is not the latest fad diet where you’re instructed to eat nothing but carrots and tomatoes all day or eat a pound of bacon putting your system into an unhealthy chemical imbalance. And besides it’s not a permanent solution to your weight problem. This is just plain common sense that, if you do the deal, you will lose from 1 to 2 pounds a week and keep it off.
This is all about protein. Now you might say, ‘Great, I can just …

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Weight Loss, Lose Weight, Weight Loss Programs

How to choose an effective weight loss program?

Now when you have decided to lose weight it would be smart to choose the best option suiting to your body metabolism, hormones, eating behavior and lifestyle. It is very much necessary that you choose a weight loss program which is safe and healthy. Choosing an effective weight loss program requires lot of information relating to your body and lifestyle. The best weight loss clinic will always suggest you the weight loss treatment which is suiting to your body and lifestyle. There are various weight loss treatments provided by weight loss clinics nowadays, some of them are briefed below:

Hormone Therapy for Weight Loss

Human chorionic gonadotropin also known as HCG, is a weight loss treatment which reduces cravings, targets fats in those hard to lose …

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Part 3: Children in Crisis (HBO: The Weight of the Nation)

To win, we have to lose. The four-part HBO Documentary Films series, The Weight of The Nation explores the obesity epidemic in America. For more information …

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Five Fun Ways To Shift That Extra Weight

In a world where there seems to be a new exercise DVD, bootcamp or personal trainer promising fantastic results around every corner, it can be difficult to figure out which options are going to have the best results for you and your own weight loss goals. It’s clear that the same things don’t work for everybody, but one thing is true; you are far more likely to stick to something that you actually enjoy, or at least, don’t completely despise, so it’s a good idea to make your exercise routine fun.

Make It Social

A fitness or dance class with friends can be a great way to fit some exercise into your week while making it fun too. By sharing your weight loss or fitness goals …

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Winter Weight

Hello everyone. Today’s article is a guest post from Jennifer Gillan who works for A.Vogel.


During winter, when we’re exposed to less sunlight, our serotonin levels are depleted. Serotonin is what is technically known as a neurotransmitter which in plain English means it helps messages pass down nerves to the muscles or organs they are meant for. Your internal communication network, when fired with plenty of serotonin, will be fully functional and your body will be a generally happier and more efficient place to hang out in. Lack of serotonin is associated with low mood, SAD syndrome and disturbed sleeping patterns. It can also, bizarre as it may sound, affect your weight.

Carbohydrate consumption can boost serotonin levels, so your body may crave …

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Go Green & Naturally Lose Weight With Green Tea

Hello everyone. Today’s article is a guest post from the blogger and fitness enthusiast Jefferey Morgan who owns  Get This Ripped.


Have you ever wondered that losing weight could be so much easier? After hours of running on the treadmill and working out, there are still no favourable outcomes? Then it is time to inculcate a wonder drink in your diets. The drink popularly known as Green Tea is a storehouse of anti-oxidants. Green tea is prepared from the leaves of Camellia sinensis and goes through minimum oxidation. It is mainly cultivated in China but has become popular all over the world. Green tea catechins are unique and contain a concentrated form of epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) which is …

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Shedding Pounds without Spending Pounds

Hello everyone. Today’s article is a guest post from Clinic Compare.


The Best ways to Lose Weight

Unfortunately there is no quick fix solution when it comes to losing weight. Even the cosmetic surgery route is not always an easy option. It can be painful and is almost always a relatively expensive option. The main surgical method used to remove body fat is liposuction. This is not a cheap option and can cost anywhere between £1500 and £5000, depending on where in the UK the treatment is carried out and on what part of the body. Cheaper surgery is available in countries such as Spain and Hungary, but of course there will be extra costs to factor in …

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The Benefits of a Workout Buddy

Hello everyone. Today’s article is a guest post from Heather Green of Online Nursing Degrees.


Maintaining the motivation to workout can be hard in these cold winter months. Who wants to crawl out of a warm bed to run outside in the cold? Then again, it can be hard to keep up the motivation in the summer months when fun in the sun is much more appealing. Turns out, there’s always a reason NOT to exercise. Finding a workout buddy can help keep you on track and stay motivated all year long. In fact, working out with a friend has many benefits. Here are a few:

1) It’s More Fun

Jogging mile after mile staring at an asphalt trail or the monitor on a treadmill can …

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