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My Fitness & Online Resolutions for 2012

Hi everyone. It probably seems a little late to be talking about New Year’s resolutions considering it’s almost February. The reason I am only getting round to it now is that I have been super busy working on Best Fitness PLR so unfortunately the time I have to spend on this website is limited.

Over the next few months this trend is probably going to continue as the majority of my time will be focused on building up Best Fitness PLR. You’ll still be getting the same amount of content on Free Fitness Tips but less content will be written by me and more content will be in the form of guest posts. I understand this may be …

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20 Ways to Get Fit for Free

Hello everyone. Today’s article is a guest post from Christine who is a freelance writer and self proclaimed fitness freak.


With the New Year in full swing, you are likely working on your resolution to get fit and healthy. Are you searching for a way to get fit without spending money? If so, the following information will be helpful for you. Below are 20 ways to get fit for free.

1) Train For A 5K:- Running is a great way to get fit. Choose an upcoming 5k in your area and get busy training.

2) Join A Walking Group:- Walking briskly for 30 minutes to an hour a day can also help you get fit. Join a walking group and enjoy the …

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The Myth of Commercial Supplements

Hello everyone. Today’s article is a guest post from James Brighton who writes regularly on the topic of supplements.


So you want to lose weight, or get fit. For most people the first thing that they turn to is the local gym, or more often than not the latest fad diet that all of the celebrities are following. How many of us tried the Atkins Diet after the press went crazy over all the celebrities who started to follow it! Some people will find that either one of these activities works well, or even both in conjunction in a properly guided fitness regime. You might even find results immediately, and never look back, but for others fad diets and gym regimes can …

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Jeans Downsizing: Easy and in a Jiffy

Hello everyone. Today’s article is a guest post from Aishwarya Vohra who writes for


Short, intense exercise sessions are a great way to burn a few extra calories each day. Whilst you still need to follow a solid exercise plan, an extra 10 minutes each day can help boost your metabolism and gain a little extra tone.

So, if you’re raring to slip into those skinny jeans in no time, sneak a few minutes during those commercial breaks in your favorite TV programs. Now, who said you can’t get slimmer watching TV? Just follow these easy exercises to reap the benefits of working out less yet melt fat faster!

Commercial Break 1 – Shape those shoulders, lift the bust and flatten your tummy

Hold …

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My Review Of The Beginners Guide To Muscle Building

It’s been over a year since I last did a product review article. Today I’ve finally got my act together and completed a new product review. The product I reviewed is The Beginners Guide To Muscle Building by Shannon Clarke and I have broken the review down into the following sections. – Product Overview. – Good Points. – Bad Points. – Overall Rating.


The Beginners Guide To Muscle Building contains 16 chapters and 110 pages. However, the information covered can be grouped into 4 main sections: – Introduction. – Exercise. – Diet. – Lifestyle – Action Plan & Further Reading.

1) Introduction:

The first 4 chapters and 48 pages focus on …

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Tips To Help You Manage Your Stress!

Let go of the stress. It may be unbelievable to some people that change can help them get rid of stress. If you can recognize how some habits are hurting your life, then you will be more motivated to change them. It is hard to let some things go, but if you realize that you do not have control, it is easy to change.

Receiving a deep tissue massage can also help you to relax and to eliminate some of the stress associated with life. Massages are usually quite pleasurable, and are certainly great for taking away a long day’s stress. Full body massages alleviate any stiffness and soreness in the muscles caused by stress, and can also help to calm the mind.

Sometimes, when you are on the go, you may be moving or thinking too fast. You must, in these …

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Looking for a fitness buddy? Get a dog

When it comes to getting fit a person’s best friend just might be a four-legged one.

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15 minutes of fitness a day can add 3 years to your life

Doing just 15 minutes of moderate exercise a day may add three years to your life, a large study in Taiwan has found.

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Physical fitness trumps body weight in reducing death risks, study finds

Maintaining or improving physical fitness is linked to lower death risks even after controlling for BMI change, according to a new study. Becoming less fit is associated with higher death risks, regardless of BMI changes. BMI change was not associated with death risks.

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9 Fun Family Exercise Ideas You Can Try This Christmas

As I have discussed in previous posts, fitting in exercise around Christmas is extremely difficult. The weather is cold and icy plus you have plenty of social commitments which take up the time that you would normally reserve for exercise. The good news is that you can still get some physical activity over the festive period if you are a little creative. 1 way to fit more exercise into your day is to look at your meetings with family as an opportunity to exercise. Don’t worry. You’re not going to be marching them down to the gym when all they want to do is have a relaxing afternoon. Instead try 1 of these 9 fun family exercise …

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