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Fitness Camp

If you were a lucky kid and had a happy childhood, you may have attended summer camp and now have many fond memories of those moments during the summers of your youth. For adults there is a new kind of camp called a Fitness Camp and these are the places to go to in order to regain part of what has potentially been lost as you got older, i.e. good physical fitness. Good physical fitness is important especially if you are overweight. Being overweight puts more stress on the body and obesity causes all kinds of problems because it contributes to the causes of many other diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and high or low blood pressure. It is very possible that a person may die much younger than they should have simply due to the …

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Weight Matters

Are looks that important? Do women care about weight? We certainly do…but not for the reasons you may think.
Right about now, you’re thinking that I’m suggesting that looks are everything and if you’ve got it, you’re in and if you don’t then you’re out of luck. This assumption only scratches the surface and doesn’t get to the heart of the matter. Let me make it simple: we care about how you look and the confidence you exude when you’re taking care of yourself because it’s a sign of your sense of personal value. When you genuinely value yourself, you have passion and vitality. This vitality will ensure that you’re around a lot longer. If you’re around longer, then we get to enjoy your company, companionship and love much longer. This taps into the primate nature of the female brain. It appeals to my sense …

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Losing Weight

Losing weight seems to be a Herculean task. With all the unnecessary hype that surrounds it the publicity makes a huge percentage of the people skeptical about their decision of losing weight. You can be slim and fit by just getting some discipline into your lifestyle by encouraging healthy eating habits. There are many methods to lose weight but what is always left to do is to implement them. One should start by light exercising and always keep in mind that for losing weight or dieting, hardcore exercise is not required. Exercise can really bring about the required changes in your life.


Plan out your daily routine and try not to ignore or avoid the time you have allocated as your exercise time. When you go out for shopping try parking your car far away from the shopping mall and …

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Fit Over Fat, Fitness

A few kids have actually died from the flu this year here in Colorado one of them 15 years old! Being healthy is one thing I know I often take for granted until I get sick, that is. I’ve found that it’s easier to stay healthy than it is to get healthy again once you’re sick, too. With that in mind (and the season just getting underway), here are some quick tips for staying healthy this wrestling season:

Eat well. This means eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, the best way to get all the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy.
Avoid sugar! Sugar depresses your immune system. Soda pop is probably the #1 culprit for most people, so do yourself a favor and have a water or fresh juice instead. (Dads and coaches, alcohol also depresses your …

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Health Retreats

With a variety of luxurious health retreats, there is no reason to postpone the body detoxification and skin maintenance any longer. Health retreats offer programs designed to cultivate a new and healthy lifestyle in a variety of different ways. For this reason, the health retreat destination can be chosen by the various activities and therapies offered. These locations rejuvenate the body and renew the spirit. A session in a treatment centre involves total privacy; relaxation in nature, various natural therapies, a varied-food menu, massage, sauna, meditation, counseling, naturopathy and other treatments depending on the destination. Any emotional imbalance, stress, addictions and negative habits, destructive for anybody’s life, are removed during a retreat journey. A retreat journey provide sufficient resources to continue applying the exercises after returning home and maintain this way the wellness of body and mind.

There are many …

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Front Bias, Left Bias, and Cross Weight: Suspension Tuning with Weight Adjustments

Static Weight: Front Bias and Left Bias

The most fundamental way of changing the handling of your car is by redistributing the weight. The weight distribution of a car is determined by literally placing a scale under each wheel. When making weight distribution adjustments, you must consider the weight transitions that the car experiences while you are driving. For example, when you accelerate, weight shifts toward the back of the car onto the rear wheels. When you turn right, weight shifts to the left side of the car. You can feel these weight transfers on your body while you are driving.

The most useful weight adjustment for road racing is front bias, or the weight distribution between the front and rear wheels. The purpose of adjusting front bias is to balance the weight of the car evenly between the front and rear …

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Health Diet Health

Many individuals can easily hint their health matters back to which sort they eat. The food we eat is the fuel that powers out bodies. Put in greasy foods filled with preservatives and do not turn out to be shocked that you are overweight and out of shape. Keep doing that and lots of health difficulties will follow.

Lactose Intolerance
Lactose is a sugar found in milk and milk produces. Lactose intolerance is the lack to digest lactose. In the small intestines the enzyme, lactase is deficient in breaking down lactose into two easier styles of sugar forms glucose and galactose. When lactose is broken down into glucose and galactose it is permitted to absorb into the blood steam. Lactose intolerance develops over the course of time and lots of don’t show signs till early childhood or early adulthood.

This …

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Weight Loss

The mechanics of weight loss is simple; energy lost must be greater than energy gained. You gain energy from the various foods and other nutritional supplements you consume; you lose energy through regular everyday activities, even breathing. The problem is a body at rest or doing regular activities does not utilize most of the energy that is consumed from the average American diet. The result is weight gain. All that extra energy is converted to fat and stored for later use, the problem is, that fat will sit there and keep building up and it has nowhere to go. The solution, we need to get our bodies in a state of negative energy balance, increase our metabolism or decrease our food intake so that we lose more energy that we gain.

Basically, we want to increase how much work our …

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Free Weights

Losing weight and becoming more fit has become the main focus in many lives. Millions of people have become committed to improving the quality of their lives by improving their overall health. Healthy eating habits and daily exercise can make you look better and feel better about yourself. There are many different methods that one can choose, in order to become more fit and lose weight. There are some methods that are more effective than others but most methods produce results. Not everyone who chooses a fitness regime is trying to lose weight. There are some people who just want to tighten and tone flabby muscles. If this is the case then using free weights is an excellent option.

There are those who feel that they would get a better workout from a machine. However this is not the case. …

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Weight Loss

Before you start changing the size of your waistline you first have to change the thinking in your head. If you are determined and committed to losing weight and you have the ‘what ever it takes’ attitude then you need to pay close attention to what I going to tell you in this article.
This is not the latest fad diet where you’re instructed to eat nothing but carrots and tomatoes all day or eat a pound of bacon putting your system into an unhealthy chemical imbalance. And besides it’s not a permanent solution to your weight problem. This is just plain common sense that, if you do the deal, you will lose from 1 to 2 pounds a week and keep it off.
This is all about protein. Now you might say, ‘Great, I can just …

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