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An elderly woman using a resistance band.

Hello everyone. Today’s article is a guest post from Tom who writes for Assisted Living Today.


As a person gets older, exercising becomes more and more important. A common misconception is that working out and staying fit are for the young and the vain, those who want to show off during the summer months on the beach. Exercise is about more than the external; it is also about the internal which is particularly important for older generations. Working out means a healthier heart, improved mobility and being more independent. More often than not seniors feel intimidated by the prospect of working out because they aren’t sure what type of exercise equipment is best suited for them. Luckily there are countless products on the market designed specifically for the elderly.

Pedometers are probably one of the best pieces of equipment seniors can own. Pedometers help to measure daily activity usually in the form of steps taken during the day. More advanced ones will calculate energy expended and a number of other factors. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise for people of all ages. It is low impact and helps to keep the heart at a low BPM which means less stress on the body while still gaining all the benefits of working out. Seniors should set a goal for how many steps they want to take in a day and then use the pedometer to keep track. When the goal becomes easy to accomplish it should be increased to ensure constant improvement.

Cando Bow-tie exercisers are another great piece of exercise equipment. They are often used for rehabilitation and personal training and they provide a low impact method for improving strength. This particular piece of equipment can provide a full body workout depending on how they are used. Seniors should talk with their doctor before using this exercise equipment to ensure they aren’t putting themselves at risk for injury.

As a person gets older they begin to lose strength in the most unlikely of places. One of these locations that is perhaps the most inconvenient is the hand. An individual’s hands are what allows them to be independent. Whether it is picking things up or opening a jar, strong, fully functioning hands make everyday life easier. However, with age comes a decrease in hand strength. Hand exercisers are the perfect way to maintain strength in this part of the body. They can be purchased in a number of different resistance levels allowing seniors to work up to whatever level they desire. If the hand exerciser doesn’t do the job or is too difficult to use, therapy putty is another great option. It helps to improve the strength of hand and forearm muscles which are absolutely vital in day-to-day activities.

While senior citizens can certainly utilize most equipment at any local gym, there are a wide range of products that are perfect for use at home. Some of the main reasons seniors lose body strength is because they fail to stretch and exercise muscles the way they did when they were younger and more active. By utilizing some of these smaller pieces of exercise equipment, seniors not only ensure better health and mobility but also decrease the possibility of injury.

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Tom writes for Assisted Living Today, a leading source of information on senior care providing a directory of assisted living facilities in Michigan.

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