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Evolve Fitness is a club of advocates, educators and coaches of fitness, wellness and a healthy lifestyle.

When you’re a member of Evolve Fitness, you belong to a club that emphasizes fun, fitness, and a change-for-the-better you. Whether it’s just getting yourself “tuned up”, or preparing yourself for a triathlon, this is the place to be. In fact our Cambridge club was even featured on NBC’s Losing It with Jillian Michaels. Come to Evolve and see how we can help you.

We can help you get fit

Unlike any other health club.

Our goal is to provide our members a truly unique fitness experience, one with freedom from the normal routine, one with owners and a team of fitness professionals here to back you every step of the way, one with passion, knowledge and experience to guide you on your fitness journey. Come into one of our clubs located in Cambridge or Framingham. Our staff will setup your membership in minutes.

We can help you train for anything

Training is affordable.

When people think about personal training the first thought that comes to mind is its expensive. That is a complete myth! Our Training programs are very affordable. Evolve offers packages and convenient payment plans that will fit any budget.

Nothing outperforms customized personal training.

Our 1-on-1 Personal Training, customized fitness programs, and highly experienced Personal Trainers will enable you to lose those unwanted pounds, gain muscle tone, and improve your overall health and appearance. Say good-bye to packed gyms, waiting for the equipment, and spending countless hours each week just to get through your workouts.  Together, you and your trainer will develop a customized fitness “plan-of-action” to keep you moving in the right direction to safely and successfully reach your goals!

Our training programs are perfect for Competitions, Weddings, Triathlons, Sports Cross Training & Youth Sports Training Ages 8-18

We can help make fitness more enjoyable

Award winning design & features.

Evolve Fitness was built on the details of our award winning design and staff. Our top of the line equipment, luxurious locker rooms, plasma TV’s and lounge ensure a comfortable place to workout and socialize. Our club's full-spectrum lighting, color schemes (studies prove that orange creates energy & green creates calm and relaxing state) and eco-friendly details (like flooring made from recycled rubber) are absolute best-in-class.

Over forty dynamic group fitness programs

Popular group classes like Zumba, Bodypump, and spinning are made cutting-edge with top-notch equipment and spacious studios (check out schedules for Cambridge and Framingham). Best of all, there’s no need to feel intimidated, because Evolve’s super-friendly staff will encourage you each step of the way. Even if we don’t make it back to the beach any time soon, with Evolve Fitness we’ll feel stronger, sexier and more sculpted than ever.

We got your back.

Come workout with some of the best fitness instructors in the industry. Amp up, get motivated and work out with us. We can help.

Exclusive women's only area

Evolve understands the need for privacy. We invite you to workout in an intimate, well designed, private setting for ladies of all ages.

Emily Paiz U.S. Navy

“Without the training I received at Evolve Fitness, I probably would have quit…”

I started at Evolve back in December 2010, and ever since then I have been improving significantly in strength and endurance. I thought I would sign up for a gym membership when I decided to join the United States Navy because although I was in alright shape, I wanted to get even better. The idea of personal training came up when George, a former employee gave me ideas on what I could do to increase my strength and endurance. From that point, I was signed up for personal training. All of the trainers I worked with had a flexible schedule which was convenient because I was very busy at the time. One trainer helped me improve on things that he knew I would see while I was in Bootcamp, and that was Kevin. Without him, I would have struggled ten times more than I already did when I was in training. Don’t get me wrong, Bootcamp was still the hardest thing I have ever gone through in my life. I went in with an idea of what it would be like, but you can take that idea and make it the opposite of what was in my mind. Nobody knows what it’s like until they go through it, which is why I was not prepared… but people rarely ever are.
Read the full story here...




I started working with you a little over two months ago. My intention as a recently divorced mother of 3 boys was to find some time that would be completely on my own. I joined Evolve to maybe do some cardio work a couple of times a week with a neighbor friend. When I joined there was a special that gave me 3 sessions with a trainer and that is how it all began…
Read the full story here




Who ever thought a 66-year-old guy would be doing the stuff you do? From Jump Squats and Pull-Ups to Kettle Bell Routines and Weightlifting, you do it all. You are the epitome of the idea that we are only what we think we are. You are a model father grandfather, husband, client and friend, and you are an inspiration to us all. Read the full story here


Whatever your fitness needs, we have a membership plan that fits you perfectly.

We have plans to fit everyone. Individuals, Families, Military, those looking to utilize their health insurance re-imbursement plan. Our Memberships are simple and straightforward, a great way for you to meet your fitness goals. In addition to all of the equipment, lockers, saunas, you get access to all of our group fitness classes. Choose from the intense cycling class or dance off those calories with Zumba. Also included in the membership is a Free Personal Training Session and a monthly followup to keep you on track with your goals.

Corporate Plans

Face it. Fitness is one of the healthiest perks you can offer your employees. And signing up would put you in some very good company. For example...
• Bose
• Staples
• Genzyme
• Computer Solutions
• TJX Companies
• EMC2

If you would like to add your company to our roster of corporate programs. Contact us here.

Does Health Insurance Cover Your Gym Membership?

Multiple health insurance companies now make getting and staying fit easy and affordable. Evolve Fitness is a high quality, full-service health and fitness facility, that offers cardiovascular and strength-training equipment for exercising and improving physical fitness. Therefore we meet all requirements needed to qualify you for a Fitness Benefit Reimbursement offered by many different health insurance companies.

Take advantage, Evolve offers an array of workout routine choices to fit YOUR lifestyle and schedule, enabling you to experience the difference in the quality of your daily life.

Evolve Fitness works closely with several health insurance companies including:

Blue Cross Blue Shield | Harvard Pilgrim | United Healthcare | Tufts | CIGNA | Fallon

Headaches, hassles, dark, overcrowded and dirty gyms, no one there to help you? Your $10 is now just wasting way. Ten dollars doesn't buy you much these days, with health clubs it's no exception. Sign up for your FREE 7 day Trial membership and compare Evolve against any other gym and see the difference for yourself. We are convinced that once you workout with us, you will want to Evolve yourself with our club.
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